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It is clear that returning to society can be a challenge, according to the coordinator of professional services at dil mil app, Miguel Thérriault.
“One of the difficulties is that they constantly see people using the internet around them,” he explains.
He also points out that behavioral withdrawal is different from what you might see with alcohol or drug withdrawal.
“We are facing psychological symptoms, but which can still be important. We’re talking about difficulty falling asleep, anxiety, frustration and mental obsession, ”he says.
Internet addiction is not to be taken lightly, according to the father of Yohan Morin, who has himself undergone alcohol therapy. He invites parents not to trivialize the problem.
“It’s just as dangerous, you’re getting on a spinning wheel that you can’t get out of on your own,” he said.
He believes that the creators of Fortnite are responsible for the damage caused to teens who can no longer stop gambling.
To this end, it should be remembered that Quebec lawyers have prepared a demand for collective action against the American company Epic Games, which they accuse of having created a game to make adolescents dependent.
For his part, Yohan Morin wants to send a message to teenagers who will read this report.

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Kevin, 35, London