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Indeed, the scenario represented a new Rowdy from the southwest in New York, a little lost, who tries to make the law.

↑ When the Aignes Attack is a war film, while Clint Eastwood has so far only acted in westerns.

↑ However, if it is true that Universal did not offer him interesting scripts from 1969 to 1973, the company is not solely responsible. Don Siegel and Eastwood have carte blanche to work on the script.

↑ Paul Newman refuses to star in this film, due to his pacifism. In his biography, Let Me Entertain You, David Brown, co-producer of the film, nevertheless assures us that Eastwood was also someone of pacifist.

↑ Eastwood having no notion of climbing had to undergo training for a few days. During this shoot, David Knowles, a climber who accompanied the team to help them through the mountain, is killed in a landslide.

↑ This is how, for example, his director of photography fell three meters, after which he had to relearn to walk, his left side having remained paralyzed for several days.

↑ Sondra Locke has been married to the same man since the age of 23. But it is more of a “facade marriage”. Indeed, when the couple moved to Hollywood, Anderson realized that he is gay.

↑ Eastwood no longer wanted to have children, he even declares that it was Maggie Johnson who wanted to have children with him. He thinks it would hurt their relationship.

↑ The film however achieves a quite good score at the end of its exploitation: $ 80,000,000, even the filmography section of the article (year 1980).

↑ In Clancy Carlile’s novel, Eastwood’s character, Red Stoval, offers his nephew, Whit, to smoke a joint. To keep the image of the good man, Eastwood changes the scene: it’s a stranger who smokes the joint under the table where Whit is installed, who accidentally inhales smoke. In addition, the Packard becomes a Lincoln Continental. The musical universe desired by Carlile is also entirely modified, tending to be more commercial.

↑ Actress Sondra Locke, at the time, was afraid her image would ever remain associated with that of the man who shared her life.

↑ He had preferred to finish a script for Columbia Pictures before the one for Eastwood.

↑ Sondra Locke’s character eliminates several of the men who raped her sister, including George Wilburn and Kruger.

↑ Variety even published on this subject: “Some thought that the socialist minister would have been embarrassed to personally honor a bitter star whose action films had in the past been frequently accused of carrying an ideology of right ”.

↑ Kyle Eastwood is already twenty years old, while Alison is sixteen. The latter said, however, during an interview: “I do not believe that [our education] had an impact on her decision”.

↑ According to Clint Eastwood: A legend, it was this motive that led him to agree to take on the project.

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