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We offered the script to Eastwood, who wants to play the burglar. However, he asks for changes: he must not die in the film. Goldman, who did everything to work with him, finally obeyed L1 227. He worked for a month correcting the script. The cast features many celebrities including Gene Hackman, Judy Davis and Ed Harris. Alison Eastwood, the director’s daughter, makes a short appearance in the film’s opening scene (observing the burglar), and Kimber Eastwood appears as a tour guide. The shooting ends seventeen days before the scheduled date L1 228. On December 12 Morgan Colette Eastwood is born, daughter of Eastwood and Ruiz, after forty-five hours of work L1 229. A month later, Les Pleins Pouvoirs comes out in 2,568 theaters in the United StatesL1,230. Success is mixed in America, with the film making only $ 50,000,000, while it performs very well abroadL1,230. Critics find it rather disappointing, if not sloppy. compared to Impitoyable, for example, L1 230. It was supposed to close the Cannes Film Festival, but Eastwood withdrew, for fear of a negative reception L1 231; however, during its distribution in France, the film was clearly acclaimed L1 231.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Eastwood’s next project, is also from a novel. Hancock, screenwriter of A Perfect World, is hired to fill the gaps in the script: he must create a narrative line and highlight the main characters. Warner, dissatisfied with the project, puts it on hold, but Hancock sends it to EastwoodL1 232, who immediately calls him back to tell him he wants to make it happen. The production was announced in February 1996. The cast includes John Cusack, Kevin Spacey, Lady Chablis, who plays her own role, Alison Eastwood, who, determined to continue in the cinema L1 232, gets a bigger role here, but Clint Eastwood plays no role in it. Filming takes place in Savannah and wraps up in six weeksL1 233. During the promotion of the film, no one brings up the fact that Eastwood, on several occasions in the past, has disparaged homosexuals, including Locke’s husband, then that the plot of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil revolves around the murder of a gay. When it was released in the United States, the film, which lasts 155 minutes, was a failure: it barely brought in $ 25,000,000 and the critics did not like CusackL1 234 at all. In France, on the other hand, in 1998, Eastwood receives an honorary César for his entire career.

If Eastwood says he is looking for a new Inspector Harry, he nevertheless undertakes the production of Blood Credence, taken from the novel by Michael Connelly, whose script has excited Malpaso and WarnerN 31. But, the novel coming to Barely to go out, Blood debt is postponed for a few monthsL1 235. Clint Eastwood then embarks on the production of Judged Guilty, whose rights are held by Richard D. Zanuck, who takes charge of production with his wife, Lili Zanuck. Judged Guilty was released in the spring of 1999, while Créance de sang was released in the summer of 2002.

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