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It is since this time that Sharif declares to Eastwood, when he crosses paths with him: “Remember, it was I who made you! “18.

But United Artists was at the time a “small” company, and productions did not follow one another like at Universal. Eastwood does not rule out the idea of ​​one day returning to the major company that once rejected him. Besides, Clint’s contract with UA is not an exclusivity contract, and Malpaso can, whatever happens, deal with all other companies L1 88. Thus, Jennings Lang allows the actor to sign a new contract with Universal, with a salary more than double that of UA. The latter ensures him the first role in the next feature film of Don Siegel, A sheriff in New YorkL1 88, which was initially to be a soap opera, before the script was rewritten by Dean Riesner. Clint wants to play a “heroic asshole”, in his words, seeking to distinguish himself from his previous roles L1 89, N 14.

On May 19, 1968, a few months before the release of the film A Sheriff in New York, Maggie Johnson gave birth to their first child: Kyle Eastwood. It had been several years that Maggie wanted to have a child, without ever achieving itL190. If Clint says he is very proud of this newcomerL191, he can not stay long enjoying it, facing his professional obligations. This period of his life is undoubtedly the most active. He agrees to shoot in Brian G. Hutton’s film When Eagles Attack, despite a lower salary than usual. This film allows him to assert his position in Europe and to change his genreL1 91, N 15. Subsequently, he accepts a role in La Kermesse de l’Ouest (1969), a new film that stands out from all the others. since it is a musical film. It’s an adaptation of a Broadway show about the gold rush. The role of Eastwood was created especially for the actor, as it was absent from the original script L1 92. But the shooting did not go as planned. If the film is given a large budget, that includes the salary of all the celebrities engaged on the set, that of the choristers and the cost of the sets. What is more, inclement weather destroys all the outdoor settings and the director, Joshua Logan, appears unstable N 16, L1 93. In addition, Clint Eastwood’s wife complains about her husband’s long absence from the city. of their young child:

“I want Clint to be closer to his son. I assure you he’s barely watched it so far. He goes through the movies at such a speed that he’s only at home once or twice a week. The last time he came home from a shoot, it was dark. Kyle was sleeping and Clint barely glanced at him. It’s a bit hard for a young fatherL1 94. “

At the end of 1969, Leonard Irving, president of Malpaso and financial advisor to Eastwood, died. This event will have a detrimental effect on the actor. Leonard is replaced at Malpaso by Bob Daley, an old friend of Clint, and Roy Kaufman becomes his financial advisor L1 95.

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