My spouse and i Just simply Thought Out The key reason why online dating doesn’t work for guys


Yeah, I thought it was junk too. Until several very serious and very out of the box studies convinced me.

The main hormone responsible for sex drive is testosterone, and men have ten to twenty times more of it than women.

And when it comes to women, their hormonal chemistry makes them require intimacy, commitment before they have sexual desire.

You are (maybe) an exception, just like Saskia. Besides, on the other side of the fence, I think I’m an exception too.

But when I read Meetic’s files, I keep seeing “not serious men to abstain” and “those looking for one night stands, go your way”.

If they think it’s a factor important enough to put it in their ad (there are quite a few that only have that in their ad), it’s * really * important, no?

Uh, and if not, where are you with your meeticienes stories? I feel that you are going to give us the blow to tell your crazy adventures 1 month after their beginning…. too bad, I liked it better at the beginning of your blog, when you told us your stories as they unfolded, we could follow your doubts more, and there was a very nice suspense and spontaneous aspect, well, good , it’s your blog, you run it as you want and luckily! it was just a wish.

Don’t look, on Anadema’s side, there is nothing more to say for the moment … it’s on Saskia’s blog that we have to follow and wait for the two of them to meet now … 😛

Tsss tsss, This is our beautiful modern individualistic world. Failing to no longer know how to communicate, you are reduced to hiding behind your screen, or even becoming an onanist on occasion just to fill the throes of your libido with a stupid-je ne sais quoi on cam … .

In short, all that to say that it was with pleasure that I followed your tribulations meetiquiennes. And also a lot of grief. At one point, you even say that if you were a girl, you would be a lesbian. But I reassure you, no matter how exasperated we are by this bunch of libidinous morons with a scallop IQ, that doesn’t prevent us from always being attracted to you, our friends men.

What would we do without copying and pasting it…? But anyway, a little clemency, they can’t write, so understand that they want to solicit as easy as possible: d !!

Finally, without wanting to proselytize, here is a very interesting blog which turns with rare derision, the perverse cushions of the net: Yours and hers are two pearls in their own way.

Finally, it is with undisguised pleasure that I admit having a mad urge to provoke a few on purpose to see their reaction and put some lead in their heads. Your merit is to have made this prototype of a woman to account for the pitifulness of this site. Thank you 🙂.

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