I Just simply Calculated Out and about The reason why online dating doesn’t work for guys


Welcome to this FAQ on Tinder which concludes my series on the articles of the famous dating application! Here I will answer all the most common problems users have with the functioning of this dating app. How does Tinder work? But also: how does Tinder work? Or: how to use Tinder? To have a broad experience on this site, but also to have coached several men (and even couples) in their flirting business on this dating application, I can without too much pretension (but a little anyway …) announce to you about Now that I am in a position to answer the questions that you have asked yourself and that you have asked me. So … Everything, everything, everything, you will know everything on Tinder (admit that you sang …)

Tinder, what is it? An application to meet straight or gay people. What is Tinder for? To be put in contact with people. The symbol of Tinder is a flame. Or rather it’s his logo … which I find very phallic.

To make your registration profitable and invest your time properly, remember Tinder Rule # 1: Tinder is superficiality. To learn how to make an eye-catching profile that will generate “likes”, look at the following books:

When you have acquired mutual affinities, be original but not too much to start a conversation. See the dedicated article: send a first Tinder message

And in order to keep the conversation going, take inspiration from the successes and way of sexualizing coach Fabrice Julien in Droit au FC.

We are going to talk here about how to install Tinder. Until recently, yes, you needed a Facebook account so you wouldn’t be anonymous on Tinder. But for some time now, we can Tinder like without Facebook: you can also register with a simple phone number.

Tinder, how does it work? Do you have to pay for it really works? Tinder is free for limited use (around 50 likes per day). If you decide you need a boost, you can subscribe to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus ($ 14.99 or $ 9.99 per month). But with a good profile, the free Tinder is clearly enough.

This is kind of the problem with Tinder Gold. Because once you have matched all the people within a 10 km radius, what if there is no one around? What if Tinder says “no new people nearby”? Well, quite simply, you can increase the maximum distance for people to find nearby in the settings. Note that Tinder’s algorithm is sometimes inconsistent and you may not have anyone within 10km but find someone by putting 8km. There is a bit of a localization problem sometimes. With the paid features, you can even be geolocated in a city where you are not (yet).

In short: Tinder can’t find anyone? Grope! Finding people nearby sometimes bug.

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