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11/06/2016 • Home • Good Life • Why it’s okay to date several people at the same time

First of all, a question: does anyone think it is funny when people go to different ice cream parlors over the summer? No. Why also? You just try, maybe at some point you will find an ice cream parlor that is so good that you don’t want to go to any other. Or maybe not, maybe you’ll find several of them quite good and go here and there. Nobody has a problem with it. You don’t always eat ice cream with the aim of finding the only, very best ice cream in town. You eat ice cream because it melts so nicely under your tongue, because the sun is shining and maybe also to try a new variety.

It’s the same with data. Not everyone does this with the aim of finding a steady partner. Just try it here and there. Because it is fun. Many people have a problem with this behavior. They see dates as something exclusive. If you date several people at the same time, you will quickly be branded as someone you cannot rely on. You should fully engage with one person and only then meet the next if it didn’t work out with that person. This thinking is widespread. But it is wrong.

Because at first you could see data as a pastime that is simply beautiful. Because of the moments: Ideally, you sit with someone you find somehow interesting. Or because he studied brewing and computer science, because he writes poetry in his free time or because he combines dots and stripes. And because this person is often found outside of his or her circle of friends or degree program via Tinder or other dating apps, he may say things that have never been heard before. Dates broaden your horizons. They give you the opportunity to get an insight into other people’s lives more often.

In addition, you usually come up with something nice for these meetings. They suggest the café with the colorful armchairs that one would like to try out. You sit by the river drinking beer or you cook together – with Garam Masala, because the other spent a year in India after graduating from high school. And there is this moment when you stand face to face and don’t know whether you should or may kiss the other person now. And when you want and should and may and kiss.

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