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If you have already clarified interests in advance, then a meeting can be made more interesting. How and how long you get to know each other before the first meeting are important factors. There is no surefire recipe for either. How long you exchange information online depends on many individual preferences. It’s best to write about the platform first and clarify the most important things. Next up is more personal stuff. For example, after having a good chat online, you can ask for your cell phone number. You can then continue to exchange ideas via SMS. The logical step is then to make a phone call. If this also works quite well, then you can arrange a meeting on site.

Anyone who takes too long to get to know each other can leave a wrong impression on the other person. If you do not answer enough, many singles interpret this as disinterest. The right balance between showing interest and not being too pushy is most likely to lead to success. This applies to getting to know each other and the first meeting.

The first date plays an important role in getting to know each other. However, many singles do not know how to behave at this meeting. What information should you reveal to the other person and what things should you keep quiet? A lot can go wrong on a first date if you lean too far out of the window and reveal too many details. On the other hand, the date can also take an unfavorable course if you say too little about yourself.

It makes a big difference whether you meet directly or whether you have already exchanged information via SMS and the Internet. If you already know each other through dating sites, you usually know a lot of things about the other. On the first date, these topics can then be developed in peace. If you meet without prior contact, then it is all the more important to find the right topics for discussion. Most of the time, there is no existing basis for discussion to talk about easily. Either way, too much information can make a first date look ugly. The same also applies in the opposite case: if you hardly reveal any information about yourself, this gives the wrong impression. The course of the first date is crucial for further meetings and for a possible relationship.

For the first meeting there is a place where you can talk to each other in peace. It shouldn’t be too quiet though, a latent background noise is an advantage. A quiet café or bar are very suitable for the first conversation. If you already know each other through dating sites or have even spoken on the phone, then suitable topics for a conversation should be found quickly.

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