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The dating app is currently not so well known in Germany, but it is definitely worthwhile for those who travel a lot and it is definitely a good Tinder alternative.

Candidate wants to fight against superficial swiping. So the first information you get is the questions a user has asked. You can ask up to five questions per round and five users answer them. If you like the answer and swipe the profile, you can only see the photo and bio afterwards.

Candidate thus offers a smaller, but more selected selection of possible matches. You can also use our selection of in-depth questions for your first date for the app.

Badoo is also a bit more location-bound than Tinder and you can directly see several profiles that are in your area via the “World Maps” view. You can also see who is online and being matched by swiping on Tinder. The app also gives you a better insight into your own popularity and visibility, so that you can optimize your images and content yourself.

The “doppelganger” function is also pretty ingenious, because you can press this button on people you find attractive and Badoo will show you profiles that look similar (but are not necessarily in your city).

On the Netflix show Love is Blind, couples only met through conversation and ended up getting married. After all, two couples finally tied the knot. If you want to try this out too, then blind speech could be just the thing for you.

In the alternative dating app, people with similar interests are matched and you are asked beforehand. Then a video call is started, but it is blurred so that the person cannot be seen straight away. The app is currently available in Berlin, Frankfurt aM, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg.

These apps come with free basic versions, but they limit you too much to be a real alternative to Tinder. However, those who reach into their pockets will be satisfied with these dating principles.

Lovoo is your Tinder alternative if you have the feeling that the “Tinder” algorithm misjudges you, because Lovoo does not rate profiles. So you are shown all potential partners in the area. You can also write to profiles that have not matched you. Real matches get lost faster because you have to work your way through all requests. The basic functions are free, but you have to pay for extras.

Once focuses on quality instead of quantity and thus follows the current deceleration movement. The app suggests a small selection of partners that you can see with their picture, job, height, family status, distance and languages ​​spoken. You can then like, reject or nudge these profiles (similar to a superlike) and you can also rate the profile on a scale of one to five stars to signal the app who your type is.

This process is completely free. However, as soon as you want to chat with a person, you have to pay with the apo currency “kroner”. Give your Tinder thumb some rest and enjoy one match a day.

Dating insider tip for cosplayers, gamers and anime fans: The app “g33kdating” is, according to its own statement, specially designed for “geeks and nerds”. Here you can find people from your area with the same interests.

If you want to treat yourself to a Tinder break, then you should definitely find a suitable one among our seven alternative dating apps presented. If you value inner values ​​and don’t want to match based on optics, you should try Candidate, Blindlee or OkCupid. If you prefer to meet instead of writing long, you are on the safe side with Bumble or happn.

And for all those who are not so spontaneously creative, we have selected the most beautiful places for a first date, of course also for the most beautiful dating places in winter. Here you can find out who should pay on the first date and whether sex on the first date is taboo.

The sex trends of the future are shaped by feminism. You can find out here why this means progress & which trends are on the way.

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