does online dating work? Without a doubt, In the event People Perform Them Perfect


Add to us that very often these are not reported for reasons of embarrassment of the victims, season everything with the headquarters abroad of 95% of these companies, and here a poor Italian who wanted to sue would find himself faced with enormous obstacles for a few tens or hundreds of euros.

Dear barbygian, ivona is a speck, a social loser or a loser who tries to earn something by duping someone. She is a shit person, a failed person, she works by taking the piss out of others, surely she is a bitchy non-EU citizen who has nothing to do with combining lunch with dinner, if she worked honestly I would respect her, but so it just sucks me … the only thing you can do is take her for a ride on her personal email, obviously invented, I send her photos of various shits found on the internet, when I have nothing to do, unfortunately you can’t do anything else to this scum scam …

I too came across a site like this and I immediately noticed the extreme ease with which to get to know each other for sex

throw away all these fakes verify that people are real adults and consent and make them have fun

In my opinion it would work, just your observation, but you know the instinct of the human being to “cheat” the other by taking advantage of it I find it squalid, the bad thing is that the legislation does not provide much … you have to make them shut down and that’s it and it must be the people unfortunately we to impose on ourselves and desert the offers from .. self-styled maidens who are anything but false!

Look Andrea, thanks to this blog and to other users like Fabio and Stefano I understood how much these fake sluts can circumvent a man if only this man does not know the world of these small scams and small or small scammers / scammers who hide behind a video to pluck the chicken on duty. This Ivona is very crafty and she won’t let you go, but she cheated on me several times, I realized that she was fake and I decided to take her a little pissed off by having 3 of my friends register on the site r she is there Waterfall with all the shoes … what a pain to live with scams like this …

Hi Andrea, I’m Paolo and I also got in touch with the star of the moment, Ivona …

This intercepted an email I used for meetic (nice site, the only fake must have been this ivona, which asked me for the email because it was not registered, but did not introduce itself as ivona) and presented itself as if we knew each other for a lifetime, always sending me photos with her face hidden, perhaps because they are not hers… anyway I am from Bologna and she told me to work in a medical fitness center, a small town just outside. Help … I say to myself, but look at that ass, we can see each other then … instead I bring out the paranoia of this site, chat4secrets and I tell her no, that I don’t give a shit, if she wants to see me for sex (as she says in the email) , we just meet, I don’t have time for blowjob like this ..

She rewrites me 2/3 times and I ask her for more in-depth things, to which she tells me about her work as a fitness instructor, that she is Bulgarian, hence the name ivona .. and other similar sluts .. then out of curiosity, I sign up to this site, a shit site, and I look at the profiles ..

80% of photos stolen from Romanian or Russian dating sites and I contact her by having 4 or 5 free messages available. She gets all sassy and asks me if I have a contract for the cam so we could exchange videos before we meet in person. I insulted her heavily and she took offense .. I thought I had got her out of the way and then .. 1 week later another email as if nothing had happened, as if whoever wrote on the site was nothing more than a stranger to whoever wrote on the mail ..

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