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We simply wanted to remove the idea that emigration laws should be made in a different way from how they are done for all resident and non-resident citizens.

Furthermore, an attempt was made to limit, by modifying the mechanisms for the election of the organs, the bureaucratic acts, the bureaucratization of the world of emigration, privileging its political subjectivity, calling it to contribute to the definition of the programmatic lines and aiming at a political relationship with the Sardinian Region. . For this reason, overcoming biased positions, or that could turn out to be biased, we have tried to make substantial changes such as those concerning the organs, not to limit their representativeness but to protect them from interference that often does not allow them to perform with serenity the role which one assigned. Moreover, an elementary reasoning would be enough to dispel any doubt: if it were moved by party interests, who would have an interest in having large bodies if not the small parties that have difficulty in the event of elections to be represented where the elected are one or two ? But that was not the goal; so that we aimed at a representation of the area rather than in relation to the number; it seems to me that it should be considered in the case of emigration the connection that this law wanted to create between emigrants and the Region.

In any case, I believe that perfect things are never born of it; this was not the ambition because it is not reasonable people to pretend to come up with perfect acts, unless someone has them already prepared. Everything, therefore, is perfectible. There was also a debate, even in the Commission; there was also the other time on the occasion of the discussion of the text then postponed by the Government, on all points. It could have unfolded more widely and had greater echo, as in other circumstances it has managed to have, but this also depends on the mass media that give more or less space; this is a complex of things on which it is better not to emphasize. What I do not accept is that the choice to be respectful of the laws is contested, that is, of not having wanted to convene a fallen consultation made up of subjects no longer legitimized on an institutional level. What is different is the consultation of the world of emigration. We did this by consulting the organizations, the leagues, the associations so that they could give their contribution. They gave it, they were heard, they were heard by the Commission, they sent written memos. Trying to state that there was no willingness to consult can therefore only be considered a pretext. But this is not a time for controversy; the relationship is difficult because the problems concerning emigration are difficult.

The regulation has essentially already been discussed; the rules were removed from the law, at the request of some political parties, precisely to make a regulation. This will allow another moment of discussion on the methods of implementation that cannot ignore the principles dictated by the law and must at the same time ensure the effectiveness of the law that the current regulations do not allow.

For this, in conclusion, I believe that a step forward has been made. Now it will be necessary to ensure that the Government does not impose obstacles; one of the nodes was, in fact, that of financing abroad, which is a competence of the State, it will have to be overcome by referring to the agreement with Minister Maccanico, so that the law can definitively enter into force as soon as possible.

Those who are in favor of the bill will answer yes; those who are against will answer no. I draw by lot the number of the councilor from which the roll call will begin. (Number 59 is extracted, corresponding to the name of the councilor Randazzo.)

The councilors answer yes: Sechi – Selis – Serra A. – Serra – Pintus – Soro -Tamponi – Tarquini – Tidu – Usai S. – Zurru – Amadu – Atzori – Baghino – Cabras – Carta – Carusillo – Corda – Deiana – Dettori – Fadda TO.

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