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2. The selective test consists of a series of multiple choice questions on the topics indicated in the public selection notice and is passed if the candidate provides a number of correct answers not less than eighty percent of the total questions, prevailing in a tie. of correct answers the most senior competitor according to age.

3. The conferment of collaborative assignments, their duration and the relative remuneration, to be paid in an amount equal to the initial salary due to the staff of the VII functional qualification of the single regional role, are authorized by decree of the Assessor competent in matters of personnel, upon a compliant resolution of the Regional Council.

4. On an experimental basis, the regional administration is authorized to entrust the study, processing and execution of the selective test referred to in the second paragraph to the Faculties of Law of the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari.

PRESIDENT. A total deleting amendment number 2 has been tabled to this article. Read it.

PUBUSA (P.C.I.). Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, very briefly on Article 6. The fundamental observation that the Communist Group makes or that I make within the Communist Group does not so much relate to the second part of the article, i.e. the part in which they are fixed certain requirements, on which I have had no difficulty in expressing consent in the Commission, also in contrast with the opinion of other members of the Commission including some advisers from my own Group. Therefore, I personally agree that on certain subjects prevail the selection criteria aimed at acquiring the highest professionalism.

The fundamental dissent of the Communist Group that we also expressed in the Commission does not concern this point; it relates to the initial part of Article 6 where it indicates the purpose that should be satisfied through the recruitment of these young graduates. Now we have had the opportunity in the Commission to express to the Councilor our opposition to a purpose that appears to be wholly generic and wholly devoid of concrete consistency. In essence, it is said that these fixed-term contracts should be stipulated in order to meet needs related to the preparation and implementation of specific projects. Now what this means is practically impossible to understand; we are talking about specific projects but it seems to me that nothing is more generic than this definition.

Basically he pointed out in the Commission, and I believe that this consideration was not only of the Communist Group but also of other councilors, including councilors of other groups not only of opposition but also of the majority, that there is no specific purpose regarding the recruitment of these units. It is quite clear that in the absence of the specification of the role, of the task to be performed, the second part of the provision itself is not justified.

The Councilor in the Commission then told us that in fact these specific projects should mainly concern the preparation of proposals regarding the reform of the Region. Now I want to be extremely clear about this. The Communist Group and I personally have always agreed that there is an ideation activity aimed at reforming the Region. However, it seems completely contradictory that young people who are hired through fixed-term contracts are preparing these regional reform projects; young people who by their nature, despite being highly qualified as shown by the requirements, have neither the experience nor the necessary competence to prepare these reform projects which by their nature require a very different preparation, a very different experience, a very different knowledge of the facts related to administration. This arrangement from this point of view is completely unmotivated; nor has a valid reason been given that would allow to understand and therefore to justify the fact that these 50 units must be hired under contract.

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