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It will be a risk to return to Spain after having been here in Colombia for 6 months, thank you very much I will be attentive to your response. Gustavo

Hello Lorena, I have still been able to request a prior appointment since the mail is not returned, after how long the residence and work permit expire since they gave it to me and I have not renewed it, they accepted it in April 2009

Hello Gustavo, as long as your card is valid you should not have any problem. You can have it if you wait for it to expire and want to come renew. The time you have been outside of Spain is not a reason to deny you your return.

Magalyta, I suppose what you mean is that you were granted the renewal in April 2009, and that you have not gone to pick up the card yet… if so I tell you that the card can stay there until the next renewal. Now if what you mean is that you have been granted the renovation and you have not gone to make the prints, yet, I do not know what to tell you. I honestly don’t know what deadlines are for that.

Diego Fernando, I appreciate your offer of friendship, we will definitely contact you, and thank you for your pleasant comments. I hope and wish that you gradually overcome your despair, which I understand. I do not know if you have done any more paperwork?

Hello, I need someone to help me, I have my brother who was born in Spain 18 years ago, the newborn was taken to my country without being processed or a document, the only thing he has is the family book until today he is still in my country In Peru, now he wants to enter Spain, what can I do to process his documentation? Can he get the Spanish papers? If someone knows something, please tell me, I would appreciate it very much.

I want to reunite two people from my family, my 33-year-old sister and my 61-year-old mother. Is that possible? how do i do it? that I have to do? I am Colombian married to Spanish.

Hello Martín, in these days I have received a letter from the Mazarrón town hall (mUrcia) in which they notify me that I must appear there to renew my registration. At the end of November 09, two years have passed since I have been here, I have most of the vouchers that prove my continued stay in Spain, my fear is that when I present myself to carry out this procedure I will find myself with the surprise of a deportation letter and that I have to pack my bags and go back to Argentina. I would like to know if by not completing this process of renewing my registration I run any risk when requesting social roots when I complete the required three years.

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