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also if you enter the same expiration day as things are here in Madrid, they can put you in trouble and return you, I would not risk you. I hope I have been an orientation.

Alejandro, I forgot to tell you that it is better to get married by proxy in the Madrid registry than on the contrary, the paperwork when you get married in a registry other than Spanish is very complicated and expensive.

Alejandro, I think it is best that you consult it in the forums of the country where you currently reside. In it there is only information applicable to the legislation in Spain.

Hello good, I would like to know if a girl from Nicaragua who is in a domestic relationship with a Spaniard could get a visa to make a stopover in the United States. You have a residence card as you are in a domestic partnership.THANK YOU

Hi, just ask about why, they haven’t sent me the edits certificate that is processed the last time they came to Bilbao at that time, the bachelor’s had not arrived, but they told me that there was no problem, my and my husband’s bachelor’s arrived. but we need the editors please send me the names are beatriz sword melendres and adolad camacho mendez they told me that they would send it to my home please I need it

I would like to know if my father can have Spanish nationality since his grandfather was Spanish and what do I have to do

Hello.-Good morning Gloria, please answer me, write to you on May 28, I am ECUADORIANA, it is that one never knows when I need to go somewhere, I know that Spain there is no work and the situation is bad, but I would like to know if I My residence returns, what happens is that even more in Ecuador there is no work, it is very difficult, to get a job here, please I will be super grateful if you answer me, thank you very much.

Hello Mariana, if you accepted the voluntary return and the commitment of no return to Spain has already ended, you could return, there is a specific residence procedure, here I leave you information -A foreigner-who-has-voluntarily-returned-to-his-country-293 /

Hello, my name is Ricardo, I am Argentine, I have been in Spain for 8 years, I am married to an Argentine-Italian girl, and I have NIe, my question is what steps I have to follow to renew it, since it has expired and what type of documentation do I have to submit for that renewal ……

Hello Ricardo, what type of residence card do you have, that of a relative of a Union citizen? If so, here I leave everything you need to renew … but it is important that you keep in mind that the renewal is done during the previous 60 days at the expiration of the card or within 90 days after expiration, but you can be penalized for it.

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