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Mistakes are inevitable in our marriage. Even if everything about our lives goes wonderfully, mistakes will be made against each other even because of the differences brought about by being a man and a woman. For this reason, it is almost impossible to avoid mistakes, but there is one thing that is possible to prevent our marriage from being worn out in the face of mistakes. We have to express that we regret our mistake, but only expressing it is not the solution, we should show a few positive behaviors in the face of our mistake and our spouse will then believe that we really regret our mistake. In addition, these positive behaviors will bring relief to your relationship.

It is seen that the importance given to sex has decreased in couples since the first years of marriage and even the first months. When we look at the reasons, there are many reasons such as busy work life, home life or caring for children. No matter how harsh conditions our life is, sex is necessary for the human body like bread and water. If the body cannot meet this need, it will not be able to satisfy the marriage, and some negative behaviors such as anger, anger, and sudden reactions will begin to display in the couple, and this will harm our marriage. Let’s not forget that sexual life is one of the main veins that feed marriage.

If sacrifice has always turned into compromising ourselves, if we just say that our wife should be happy and my happiness is not important, this will harm our marriage instead of benefit. Everything in marriage should have a measure of sacrifice as it should be. If one party is constantly altruistic, that relationship will cease to be a love affair and turn into a mother-son relationship. For this reason, we should prioritize our individual happiness in our marriage and be aware of our own values. When you become aware of your own worth, your spouse will begin to see your value. That’s why we say in every subject that first life, then canan

One of the mistakes made by our couples in recent years is that they neglect other people outside of their marriages such as friends and relatives in their lives. They share every moment they need to live, every moment they are happy, sorry, excited, good or bad, with their wives and children, that is, only with their nuclear families, and over time, the spouses realize how restricted they are and start to suffocate from their marriages. In addition, when couples are the center of their lives, they start to expect everything from their spouses, at this point, the spouse who has difficulty meeting expectations begins to be constantly blamed, but instead, when we spend quality time with other people in our lives, we will relieve the burden on our spouse in terms of drowning from marriage and expectation. Happiness will increase as expectations decrease.

If we constantly expect that the other party will make us happy during marriage, we will harm our marriage, ourselves and our spouse. Think like this, if we pray that God give me 1 kilo of gold, one day we would not be happy if half a kilo of gold came, but God, if my prayer would be accepted, we would say if it was a kilo, but if we never pray, how would we be happy if a quarter of gold came at once because we did not have an expectation. . We should apply exactly this in our marriage, if we expect our spouse, we cannot be happy with the little things he does, and we start to blame him, but if we realize the little things and be happy and express this, we will have the opportunity to see bigger surprises than our spouse.

What is selfishness? I always want me in marriages, the selfishness we want in marriages is first me and then you. The happier you are as an individual, the more successful you are with a smiling face, the happier you will have a successful and smiling wife. You can think of it as a reflection. It is a fact that no individual will fall in love with a person who has given up oneself and who is not aware of his own worth, who constantly lives for others, does not take care of himself, even if this marriage continues, it will continue like a roommate. Our goal is to protect the love of couples, so everyone will think of the housekeeper of their own pleasure.

Instead of making your marriage mundane over time, try to experience weekly monthly excitement. It is indispensable to protect marriage. When couples experience excitement together, the feeling of excitement is eliminated at certain time intervals and the couples do not seek a new excitement. Try to keep your excitement in every situation, from your daily life to your sexual life, if we can manage to keep the excitement in our marriage, dangers will not knock on our marriage door.

Since the couples cannot find peace in each other, they are moving towards escape, that is, divorce. Peace is an emotion felt by couples who keep family together, making family a family. Therefore, when couples spend time together, instead of talking about their inability to achieve their pessimism against life, they should talk about their achievements, even if they are small, and that their greatest achievements are their spouses and feed each other’s hearts with their tongues. Life

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